Thursday, June 22, 2006

Classes Here and There

Rosemary Dunaif, creator of this great felted rug and rug hooking diva, is going to teach these techniques at the Woolbearers this fall. She used our dyed and carded wool and laminated it to muslin. Called nuno felting, this technique is commonly used by modern felters to create garments by felting light layers of wool to woven silk. Rosemary secured the wool to the muslin with a felting tool before she wet felted it, which I thought was a great idea. I call her piece 'Celestial Olives', which we think is pretty funny.

Back to TNNA.....I took an eight hour class with Chris Bylsma learning tips to make her Crayon Box Jacket. It is a nifty little garment which makes fine use of short lengths of yarn and all those great novelty yarns. The next day, I had the pleasure of learning to crochet with Melissa Leapman. She is a doll. It was great, fast moving class. I left after three hours knowing how to crochet!

Myra took classes with Cat Bordhi learning toe up socks, Celtic cables with Melissa Leapman, and cut flowers with Nicki Epstein and said they were all great teachers. So much to learn, so little time. Speaking of time, I noticed again today as I was spending more hours than one should beaming a horrible warp unto my student's loom, that I no longer weave for myself. If I didn't teach it, I would never get near a loom. Must make more time for that. Forget weaving or knitting anything for myself. I'd get too warm anyway.

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