Thursday, August 10, 2006

We are all goddesses.....whether we know it or not. This little gal is an example of what Rosemary Dunaif is going to teach in her Goddess class in the fall. She is embellished with needlefelting, embroidery, charms, sequins, you name it. She is also zoftig.

The student can express themselves through, as Rosie says, 'Creating this personal icon (or Goddess doll) is an intuitive process which often results in the "working through" of issues or "knots" in our lives. Alternatively, you can create a goddess doll celebrating the person you are and any milestone in your life. Come with an open mind and a willingness to have fun and "let go"! '

Woolbeares class list is becoming more diversified. We added machine knitting taught by Yvonne Bingham. Yvonne teaches machine knitting at FIT! How lucky are we to have someone of her knowledge and ability? Makes me want to get that machine out today! We are going to concentrate on the popular Bond machine, because that is easily available and easy to operate. More later...

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