Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Color&Abundance .... abound in Woolbearers. I am in the midst of four major knitting projects and as many smaller ones. It is directly related to the amount of color I see every time I walk into the store! Not too long ago, I only had one thing on needles, and then the store sort of exploded with yarn, and I could no longer contain myself and had to start several things at once. The projects are...
1. Sakiori I from Folk Vests of Woolbearers Hand dyed wool boucle in the colorway Amber Lace.
2. Simply Garter from Folk Vests in Woolbearers Ringspun in colorway Women's Intuition. This started out as a gauge swatch for another project, but I liked the colorway so much, I decided to do this piece as well.
3. Kimono Cardigan by Dovetail Designs also in ringspun, colorway Softfall. Just has to be seen, words don't do it justice. I CANNOT wait to finish this sweater!
4. Garter Lace Shawl from Shawls and Scarves, in my handspun yarn. This piece is supposed to be an example of what students will accomplish in our Sheep to Shawl class, if I ever get it done. It's fast and easy, but not as fun as the last project to knit.

I like knitting simple things that showcase our yarn's beautiful colors. Sometimes simple doesn't necessarily mean easy, however. The Sunrise Circle Sweater is a good example of something that is beautiful in it's simplicity, but took extra concentration as each row was different. Hence the eight pages of instructions. I am hoping to find the time to knit it in hand dyed yarn.
Another example of a good technique to use with hand dyed yarn is the slipped stitch. Our customer Gwen, has been knitting with hand dyed yarns using the slipped stitch and the effect is amazing. The color shift behind the slipped stitch gives the effect of stained glass.

more later.....

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