Saturday, July 14, 2007

IT'S A WRAP! Have you ever just loved knitting something? I found this pattern -- "Wrap Me Up" from Knitting at Knoon. It's a shawl/wrap knitted in self-striping yarn -- 20 different blocks -- mitered squares, beaded, ruffles, linen stitch, moss stitch, etc. etc. So, the ADD in me won't be bored -- you are constantly jumping from one thing to the other. I love watching the patterns grow and play one against the other. Self striping yarn is always fun to watch as the color changes ever so subtly. I am using 2 different colorways of Knit One, Crochet Too's Paint Box (color # 6 and 10) and a little bit of Manos to tie it all together. Woolbearers is definitely doing a class for this -- everyone who comes into the store is oohing and aahing. Can't wait to get started on another one.

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