Monday, November 24, 2008

Scary is how many people are describing the state of the economy. My son seems to be the only one I know who is enjoying the downward spiral of the stock market as he is playing a "virtual stock market" game with his high school class and he has shorted most of his stocks, so now he's in 4th place. If he keeps this up I will make him pay for college.

They say (whoever they are ) that yarn shops are recession proof. I just read an article in the New York Times last week that said Lion Brand was opening up a yarn shop in Manhattan and even though this did not seem like a good time for it, yarn shops were recession proof.
I was listening to one of the podcasts that I regularly download ---"Sticks and Strings". I just love listening to the bloke with the Australian accent. He always does an essay during the podcast. This one was about where to spend your money during the tight economic times. At first he said that using your stash was a good idea, but if you want to help the economy support your Local Yarn Shop. I think I'm in love.

Here's some photos of customers who have been supporting their local yarn shop, Woolbearers.

Pam is showing off her new Nashua sweater in Creative Focus worsted weight.

Jane finished her Einstein Jacket and wore it for the first time -- it looks smashing in person. Jane used Lopi and it was the perfect yarn for this project.
Brynn finished her February Lady Sweater made out of Cascade 220. Great job!
Kelly will be teaching a class in how to construct a Moebius scarf (see website for details). This one is made out of Manos -- I wish I had taken a picture of it on Kelly -- it looks terrific when you wear it.
Hannah is almost finished with her Great American Aran Afghan. She just has to put on the border and it will be done. Now, I know how much work this one is because I'm making one too -- with my class that meets once a month. Hannah's is done out of Cascade Eco Wool.
You must see this in person to appreciate all the work -- I hope Hannah can bring the afghan to my class next month.

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