Monday, April 27, 2009

The 3rd Annual Woolbearers Yarn Tasting held at the Robin's Nest Restaurant was a great success. Here are some pix of tasty yarns.
Some of the gals crocheted squares of all the samples. Kris went to town and made a scarf of yarn samples from all three tastings.

So far, I think the favorites were Misti Pima/Silk and Plymouth Royal Llama Linen. Classic Elite's Sprout was very nice to knit with and although it is a bulky yarn, it knit up very nicely on smaller needles. I am almost finished with my Sprout Tee from CE's Johns Bay pattern book.

On Sunday, folks came to knit on the Botanica Medallion Cardigan. A few said they would be wearing their's when Shiri Mor comes to the store on Thursday, May 7 @ 6 pm.

One gal came in on Sunday all upset because she couldn't figure out how to fix a mistake in her beautiful bamboo tape wrap. I was able to drop it back a few rows and pick up the problem stitch. It is knitting up so nicely!

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