Monday, May 18, 2009

Men who knit seem to get all the attention. I was perusing the Sunday NY Times and found this article about the broadway actor, John Glover knitting away on a scarf at the now defunct NYC yarn shop, The Point. The article quoted Mr. Glover as saying how relaxing knitting was. He only makes scarves and does not like to KIP because he says he has a "bizarre technique." He knits with one needle between his legs and manipulates the stitches with the other. Sounds like a way that lots of folks I know knit. So, John -- if you ever want to KIP, come down to Woolbearers -- we promise not to laugh.

We are having another "Knit to Fit" class. Here Joanne is modeling what will be her summer sweater made out of Classic Elite's, Classic Silk. Joan's sweater is knit out of Cascade 220 and she used a Cascade 220 pattern as inspiration.

Joanna and Gwen are knitting with Tilli Tomas' beaded silk. Both pieces are just gorgeous.

Gwen is also crocheting a shawl from Vogue Crocheted Shawls. It's a pattern that Shiri Mor designed. Funny how after Shiri was here, everyone started looking through their pattern books for her designs. Anyway, another customer came in after Gwen was showing off her beautiful shawl and was working on the same project and needed help. I'm not much of a crocheter, so I was really glad Gwen was there to offer advice.

Speaking of crochet, Kris is really moving on her crocheted shawl. Can you believe this is her first piece!

Jill is working on her Botanica knit out of Manos Silk/Wool. Very subtle color changes -- can't wait to see it finished.

Teri and Julie dropped in on Saturday. Teri was showing off her Euroflax sweater. She bought a few cones of Euroflax laceweight, and doubled it up for this fabulous lace sweater.

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