Thursday, December 03, 2009

Janet brought in 24 helmet liners she knit and vowed she would never knit another one! It reminded me of when I had the brilliant idea of knitting all the yarmulkes for my son's bar mitzvah, out of hand dyed, handspun silk, no less. I made 54 of those da**n yarmulkes and still have one on the needles. Zach is almost 19. Maybe I'll finish it for his wedding. Oy vey!

Anyway, helmet liner knitting night at the Woolbearers was a huge success. There wasn't an empty seat and everyone had a great time. One of the gals said that she would give one of her helmet liners directly to her grandson who was being deployed to Iraq soon. So far, I have collected 75 and I know there are lots more of them out there. If you can, bring them to the shop by Dec 20th, so I can give them to the Red Cross before Christmas. Their goal is to have 1000 made by the end of the year.

Will lives about 1 hour away, but manages to come to the shop as often as he can. Here he is in his first raglan sweater made out of Cascade 220. Will was little embarrassed to ask if I had a few yards of Alfresco in the Key Lime colorway. He just needed 2 yards to finish the shawl. Well, I had a little bit of undyed yarn leftover and was able to dye it and match it to the shawl. Will just happened to come into the shop when I was about to mail it out to him. You can see the finished project here.

Another botanica done! This gal lives about 1 hour away as well. The last time she was at the shop was when Shiri came to give a talk about the Botanica -- here's the finished product. Great jobl
Kay is showing off her first weaving project.

Teena is fairly new to knitting, but y0u would never guess that by looking at her projects. The first scarf is done with one strand of Lana Grossa Chiara and one strand of Nashua Grand Opera. She decided to put an opening, such as the ones in the bowtie scarf and figured out how to do it with this Ruffled Scarf pattern. The other scarf is also the Ruffled Scarf pattern done with 2 strands of Lana Grossa Evento in two different colors. Love the outcome.

Anne is shown here once again teaching her famous Finishing class. As usual, the class is filled. We'll be doing it again next April.

Sandra is showing off the Endless Knitted Cardi Shawl by Stich Diva Studios. She gets together with about 5 other gals to knit and they are all knitting this lovely design out of Tilli Tomas' Silk Plie.

Linda has been knitting this adorable baby sweater out of Mission Falls 136.

More Knit to Fit --Brynn got her inspiration for her Knit to Fit sweater from this sweater she found in a magazine. I can't wait to see it finished.

And Rebecca finished her Knit to Fit creation and is almost done working on her second!

Donna's mystery bag is done. I just love the design and the clever use of the scarf and straps. I just wish there were more hours in the day.

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