Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I think I will call this summer the "Summer of Shawls".  Lots of times when my yarn reps come in, they ask "What are people knitting?"  And I often reply -- everything, socks, sweaters, scarves, hats.  But lately, it seems that everyone has been knitting shawls.  Myself included.  Katie has been knitting like crazy and has made the most beautiful Seriously Simple Shawl out of Jojoland Melody.  She's working on another one and it's going to be made out of Zauberball Lace.  And she's making an Andrea Shawl in Claudia Handpaints Fingering 55.  Hope to have pix on that soon. Here's my finished Andrea out of Zealana Kiwi and Woolbearer's Woolie Bears sock yarn.
Gwen can't stop knitting shawls.  Every time I see her she has a new one.
Here is her Summer Flies, knit out of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece.

And her Swallowtail knit out of St. Denis Nordique

And her Progressive Shawl knit out of Woolbearer's Hand Dyed Pima Cotton
I know she has more - can't wait to see them.
Linda has been busy knitting shawls as well.  She just started a Summer Flies shawl out of Manos Silk Blend which will be finished in no time.  Here is her finished Dane Shawl out of Punta Merisock.

I am almost finsihed with two shawls that I started. Would have had the Seriously Simple Shawl finsihed, but had to rip out about 50 rows -- Ouch!  Using Kauni in color EP.  Can't wait for the next color change.

My Summer Flies is on its bind off row -- love working with those Addi Lace needles for this project. The yarn is Lana Grossa's Biosoja and  it was  a pleasure to work with this yummy blend of organic cotton, soy and bamboo.  Very soft and drapey.

While we are knitting lots of shawls, there are other projects.  Here is Donna's Swirl Scarf out of K1C2 Ty Dy sock yarn.
Jill has been busy knitting the Lutz and Patmos Vest from Spring/Summer 2010 Vogue out of 3 yarns held together --  SWTC Therapi, Rowan Cotton Bamboo and Cherry Tree Hill Boucle

Kathy has been spinning away on Woolbearers' Hand Dyed Merino -- here is a skein of yarn in the blues colorways and a pair of hand spun socks.

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