Monday, July 17, 2006

The Knit and Crochet Show....
.....was successful for Woolbearers. We met so many lovely knitters from all over the country and from our area. I spoke to two women who are opening knitting shops in the Delaware Valley, no competition to us. It is exciting to think that the art is still growing and thrilling people enough that they would take the risk to start a business in a highly competitive and difficult sector.

Personally, I had no idea running a yarn store would be so much work. It amuses Myra and me when customers tell us they wish they had the kind of job that would allow them to sit and knit all day. I have not had knitting needles in my hands since we went to TNNA. My bag with the Chris Bylsma Crayon Box Jacket is sitting in the shop where I put it when we returned from Indianapolis. Preparing for the show took every spare waking minute that Myra and I had, mostly for dyeing yarn. It paid off however, and I am looking forward to getting into the studio tomorrow to start working on the custom orders we picked up.

It appeared to me that knitters were looking for something different. They liked our vibrant colors, and the yarns I saw in bags from other booths were unusual and colorful. The knitted and crocheted garments we saw were lovely and well made. You could tell the wearers were proud to be have their creation on their body.

I'll have some pictures of the show to post soon.

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Cate said...

Dear Suzie & Myra,
I went through the Knit and Crochet show two or three times and came to the conclusion that everything I need is right at Woolbearers. Maybe other buyers found out the same thing about their own knitting stores. But I felt like Dorothy in the Wizard of OZ. There's no place like home and you and Myra have made your shop a home for your regulars. A comfy place to drop in and find a few minutes or a few hours to chat, to knit, to catch up on each others' lives, to offer and accept impartial advice, to drool over new yarns, new colors, new books, new babies, to say prayers for ailing elders, to be a community. You two may be working yourselves to a frazzle but you make it look effortless--the sign of a good team.
Anyhow, I did find one or two things that I purchased at other booths, but most of what I bought at the K&C show was from my own "home" store--great new colorways that I've been not touching until the big show! Yes, I could finally buy that yummy new Chocolate Sundae, among other things! Now if only a fairy godmother would appear and grant me a few bewitched hours of peaceful knitting time each day.
Hope the show was a big success for you and Myra and hope that the leftovers fit in the shop!