Sunday, July 02, 2006

Noni Bags ....

....are so cute words don't do justice, so here's a picture of the Majolica Bag our Gwen knit. The body is Lopi and the flowers are Woolbearers. This is my favorite Noni bag; I just happen to have a pretty big collection of Majolica pottery and actually had a lot more before I sold some of it to pay for part of my son's second year at NYU. Several blue pitchers I have are lined with pink glaze and have pink and yellow flowers on them! I love Gwen's interpretation.

Follow up on this morning's early post; I accomplished some of the things on the mental list. Dyed half the cashmere blend yarn, didn't skein any sock yarn, but Mary skeined some other yarn for me, found a wet, moldy towel under the back seat which attributed to the stench in my car, and decided to keep the little dog myself if my three Boston Terriers didn't mind and they don't seem to.

We had a fun afternoon with Linda, Joanna, Beth, Cate, Nina, Hinda and Mary in for knitting and spinning. The best part of this is getting to see what the women are doing and to hear their comments about each other's work and also the new yarns in the store.

I need to find out what it is Hinda is knitting and add the pattern name later, but suffice it to say that most of us were really impressed with the difficulty of it. She is leaving for Canada next week to attend her second year's class at the Ontario Handspinners Certificate Program, a six year commitment.

Linda was spinning silk and brought in some white merino she spun laceweight. Just beautiful.

Nina finished the shawl she did as part of the Twisted Woolbearers (Yahoo group) community knitting project with yarn we donated. It's lovely and will keep someone warm this winter.

Beth graced us with her presence, the first outing this new mother took without her little son, Patrick who was safe at home with Dad.

Joanna is putting the finishing touches on her Felted Tapestry Cape from Wrap Style and it is really beautiful.

Cate is knitting socks and told us her bread baking in Williamsburg stories. I can just see her in her Revolutionary War era dress, explaining to onlookers the nuances of baking bread in a brick oven, out of doors.

Rina finished her black Jo Sharp Silk and Cashmere blend Sunrise Circle Sweater; it has to be seen to be appreciated and felt to really appreciate it! If I can get a picture of it from her that doesn't include one of her new appliances, I will upload it! She did an excellent job on the sweater.

Our customers help us make decisions about new yarns to carry and also color choices. So these gatherings are important for more than just their entertainment value.

More later.....

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