Monday, April 16, 2007

Finis!! At last, the Lacy Top from Holiday Vogue 2006 is done. I had some difficulty sewing it together because the back was an inch wider than the front even after I blocked the pieces; obviously I had done something different. The top is shaped for someone with a waist, and that is interesting in itself as I don't have one anymore. It's very 'hour glassed'. The neckline was fun to do. You pick up stitches around the neck and do more yarnovers, so there is a lacy effect to it. The little wings are fun, too; you do one row of feather and fan and five of k1 p1 ribbing. As I have written before, I love working with the Jamieson so much, it is a real yarn. You don't have to pamper it, it just knits! So I am treating myself to yet another project, from Simply Shetland 3, The Santa Fe Wrap. It's also knitted of Spindrift, so will not be the quickest knit I have done, but once Myra showed me how to use two colors without having ends to weave in, I am enjoying the process. It's another modular project, but with shadow knitted pieces. I'll get some pictures up soon.

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frogknit said...

Did you ever finish the Santa Fe Wrap?
I am about a third of the way done...and it seems endless!
Is it worth finishing??