Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Last Sunday while the spinners spun and knitters in the store knitted, Gwen, Rina, Cate and I got together with Rina's Ultimate Sweater Machine and had a little demonstration of how easy it is to use. Although Rina's Machine was busted; looked like someone had previously tried to use it and returned it to the discount craft store, which promptly placed it back on the shelf for sale, Cate just happened to have her brand new, still in the box machine, so we pulled that out, set it up and away we went! It is just amazing how quickly it knits.

If there is enough interest, I'm sure we can convince Uyvonne Bigham to teach another beginners class. The machines used in the class are the Bond Knitting Machine, The Ultimate Sweater Machine, or the LK 150 (I think that is the number). If you have one of these machines and can't get it to work for you, it is usually just a simple adjustment needed and you can start knitting right away. I knit a baby sweater in less than eight hours, shown above, and that included finishing by hand. Uyvonne teaches you how to assemble the garment using the machine and also finishing on the machine. There is almost no hand work done in her class.

Please let me know if you would like to take a beginner's knitting machine class. We may be able to convert the upcoming intermediate class to a beginners. I took the class twice and each time, learned tons of useful information. I wish I had the time to use the machine more!

Uyvonne is a wonderful teacher. She is patient beyond belief. Trust me.

Sign up soon for a class with Uyvonne on the Bond and watch your stash disappear!