Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Loads of New Yarn are coming to Mount Holly. Here is yet another rare photo of my partner Myra sitting among the many catalogs, samples and order forms that we picked up as we traveled the isles of TNNA (The National Needle Arts trade show) this past weekend. In the picture, it is about 11 pm Sunday night in our (seedy) hotel room, sorry Red Roof Inn, and she had just added up our total for the day. Gulp. Monday was yet to come. And we found even more wonderful things to buy on Monday.

In the coming days, I will attempt to describe in vivid detail all the yarns, books, kits, needles, fibers, you name it, that we saw. We came, we looked, we bought. It was unbelievable. Add to that the fabulous classes we took with Lily Chin, Lucy Neatby, Sally Melville and Margaret Fisher.

Just to titillate you, we will be loaded up with all the new sock yarns and hand painted lace weight yarns that are being released soon or this fall.

Opal, probably among my favorites, is now being distributed by my favorite yarn company, Simply Shetland. I LOVE the yarn and books, and now add Opal Sock Yarn to our stash. It was next to impossible to choose which colorways we would buy. My favorite is Peacock in the Rainforest line. See pic up next to Myra.

I have to stop now but will write more later. In the meantime, make sure that we know which yarns YOU want us to look for now that we have the most current color cards and catalogs.

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Mary (aka Mena) said...

Now how much fun did you have??? I love the pictures and I am so sorry that I can't go to the store to shop...Oh, baby, but you do mail!!! This is great, I can still reap the benefits!