Thursday, June 14, 2007

We are having a ball knitting the pi shawl and piR2 shawl. The pictures are as follows:
1. Anne still on dpns.
2. Debra, coming along just fine.
3. Suzie, ripped out for the last time. Now flying along without stitch markers or the chart.
4. Meghan, beautiful, beautiful. You can see lace!
5. Gwen, lovely and going quickly.
Not shown, Sabra tore her's out and left it home! We will see it next time. Everyone said it is so much easier when the double points come out. I found that I can follow the lace design without looking at the chart or having stitch markers. The markers were just confusing me.


Madelyn said...

Those look great. I wish I had the time to join in.

Mary (aka Mena) said...

My goodness Suzie, When do you have time for all of it??? The Dying, Knitting, Tending the garden...I am exhaused just thinking about it. By the way the shawls are beautiful. This has always been on the 2 do list.