Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Almost Finished There are 20 blocks in the wrap. I'm now on Block 19 -- almost done. I would have been done a lot sooner, but ran into a little problem. When doing the lace block, I kept ripping out because it wasn't coming out right. So, I finally charted out the pattern and it appeared to me that the pattern was wrong (an extra k at the end of row 1). Since we are having a class I knew that I had to get it right. After tearing my hair out for a while, along with tearing out the yarn, I decided to email Chris at Knitting at Knoon and lo and behold, I was right. She's adding this to the errata on her website.

Here are some of the new items that came via UPS today.

The 25th anniversary issue of Vogue Knitting is a must-have issue. I just finished reading the article entitled "Chatting and Knitting with the New Guard". It's an interview with Vickie Howell, Shannon Okey, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, Clara Parkes, Debblie Stoller and Adina Klein. -- icons of the "new generation of knitters". (or so dubbed by me) It's really interesting to read what these gals have to say. Run, don't walk to your nearest LYS and get your copy.

The new Rowan book has great, gorgeous patterns. Can't wait for our new shipment of Kid Silk Haze. We also got in the new Artfelt kits from Skacel. The mix of colors is wonderful -- can't wait to see what everyone comes up with. This week we are still waiting for our new laceweight yarn from Jumbuuk and the new lambswool/cashmere blend from Simply Shetland.

FINISHED I do actually finish some things from time to time. Here is a Rowan Bamboo Tape top and a baby blanket that I started over 2 years ago.

And here's a picture of Nina's felted purse -- made out of Woolbearers handpainted NZ Woolshire -- bobbles and all

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