Sunday, August 26, 2007

UT's Gone, But Not Forgotten

Six weeks ago, I had a hysterectomy. Aside from a slightly thinner waistline and a hairier chin, I haven't really noticed feeling anything different with all of my innards gone. So much for all the hoopla. Someone asked if I was sad about not being able to have more youngest is 32 so I really didn't think along those terms!

At least the desire to knit, and the ability to read a pattern has returned. I've had so much anesthesia in the past 18 months, I doubt I would ever pass a drug test. It's truly amazing, the effect all of those drugs have on one's memory and concentration. I feel a little like a dud much of the time. Thank you to Myra for patience and filling in the gaps. I love my knitted uterus, by the way.

Lot's of you stopped by this weekend with finished projects and projects just begun or in progress. The Pi shawl is still hot. Also, the Wrap featured last week has taken on a life of it's own. You have to see it in person to really appreciate how beautiful the different squares are, and the lovely yarn in all the different stitches. My favorite areas of the shawl are the beaded lace and mosaic knitted squares. It calls out for close examination.

Jane finished this adorable cardigan from an ancient pattern, knit of Cashsoft DK. The cable around the front and neck really makes the sweater. She knit this lace sock of Reynolds' Soft

Sea Wool. (Held by Rich Carty of Pinelands Music, who just stopped by and also almost sat on my uterus, which was resting on the chair.)

Jane is starting a sweater of Weaver's Wool from Mountain Colors and the colorway is so lovely, we wanted to share this picture of the beginning ribbing with you just for inspiration. Also by Jane, this feather and fan scarf done in Jitterbug Sock Yarn by Colinette.

Sabra is knitting a fabulous sweater of Woolbearers Ringspun, colorway Wildflower. The top down sweater is also going to be a class this fall. Isn't it a lovely color? Everyone who sees it comments about the yarn.

I am having trouble downloading all the picture I took, so I will publish this and start another post.

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