Wednesday, September 05, 2007

SUMMER VACATION Just got back from a week's vacation with my family. We had intended to go to Nova Scotia, but that was all the plans we had made. So, last Saturday morning we got in the car and started heading north. Now, I had a few fiber plans for this vacation, but I did not want to inundate my family who have to live with it all year long, so I had to pick carefully. Two weeks prior to our trip, Brenda Gilmour from Gaspareau Valley Fibres happen to come into Woolbearers while visiting family in Point Pleasant. I told her that I would see her in two weeks and was determined to make that a priority. So, that was my one and only fiber plan. I thought about visiting the Fleece Artist and trying to pick up our order of Kid/silk and Seasilk, but I after thinking it through, I decided not to bother Kathryn, because I knew how busy she was. I should have, because as it turned out, our order was ready when I was in Nova Scotia. However, it has arrived today at the shop today.

Our first stop was in Bar Harbor Maine. I tried to go the Bee’s Inc. twice, but each time they were closed. The sign outside their shop said “Candy, Sweaters and Yarn”. I peered in the window – the yarn was under glass and the candy was out in the open. Wonder what was more valuable!

Off to Nova Scotia we sailed on the CAT ferry from Bar Harbor, Maine to Yarmouth Nova Scotia. After driving for a while we stopped and had lunch at a restaurant on the water. Leaving Shelburne, we happened upon the Barrington Woollen Mills in Barrington. Of course we had to stop and tour the old mill. It was really neat to see all of the old spinning and carding equipment. The mill is just as it was 60 years ago – same wool is still in the giant drum carders.

Next day we drove to Wolfville to see Brenda at Gaspareau Valley Fibres and, of course, I picked up a few goodies. Here are some wonderful skeins from Brenda’s Cotswold sheep and hand dyed by Brenda. I also got some spun corriedale and an alpaca/wool mix from Custom Woollen Mills in Alberta Canada – we will definitely be getting some of their yarn at Woolbearers.

Afterwards we drove to Prince Edward Island, making it on the ferry by one minute. You can’t go all the way to PEI, as it is known on the island, and not see Anne of Green Gables house. After a little bit of sight seeing, I spotted a shop that said it sold “Wool Sweaters”. Had to go in. She had lots of wool sweaters, but in the back there was a whole wall of yarn. Most of it was Briggs and Little yarn, which seems to be a staple yarn in Canada. However, there were a few cubbies of yarn made by a mill in PEI called MacClausand. I asked the shop owner about the yarn and she gave me their address. As we were driving back around to the other side of PEI to take the bridge back to Brunswick, Canada, we made a detour and went to MacClausand’s Woollen Mill. Came away with 25 pounds of undyed yarn. Fortunately we had room in the car, otherwise one of my kids would have to stay in Canada. I started dyeing the yarn – I really like it – it’s what Suzie calls “real yarn”.

We stopped back in Bar Harbor on the way back home. This time Bee’s Inc. was open and I got to touch and fondle all of her yarn and had a lovely chat with the owner and of course, had to buy a skein of ???

One of the nice things about taking a car trip is all the knitting I got to do. I finished the Jo Sharp wrap and started my Emily Ocker cast on and hat from Interweave knits. Finished that when I got home.

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