Friday, September 28, 2007

Swallow Hill Scarf Kits and beads are beautiful to look at and a joy to work with. The scarf kits come with their Seven Scarves and a Shawl booklet, a 250 yard tube of lustrous, soft rayon yarn, and a 100 gram bag of Czech beads. Everyone who has knitted this scarf loves it. It can also be crocheted. We have the kit in lots of great colors, and once you've made the scarf, you can buy more yarn and beads without purchasing the book.

The lower picture shows a selection of their 'bead soup'. The Bead Soups are a mix of size 6,8 and novelty beads that are always wonderful, and always different. We went a little nuts buying the soup!

Wrap it Up -- Annie and Cindy have been busy knitting their wraps. Annie's is made out of several different colorways of K1C2's Paintbox and Manos. Cindy is using Rowan's Tapestry with a touch of Nashua Creative Focus. They are both so beautiful, but very different.

I never make anything twice. That's why I don't knit socks. I have too many onesies hanging around. Yet, I couldn't resist doing another wrap. This time, it's out of Southwest Trading's Karaoke in shades of grey with Lily Chin's Greenwich Village in black as an accent and a skein of Louet's Merlin in Black Tulip alternating with the Karaoke in Block 7. I think this one is going to be an evening wrap. Hey -- I hear that grey is the new black.

...and speaking of doing things over again, Donna, who is going to be a grandmother again, made her second Baby Surprise Jacket out of Mission Falls 1824 wool.

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