Thursday, December 06, 2007

Size Matters....especially with knitters. Nothing is more frustrating than knitting something that doesn't fit the wearer. As a fairly new knitter of about four years, I learned quickly that the measuring tape is my best friend. I know right away if something is going to work.

One of the reasons I love to knit scarves, shawls, purses, stuff for the house, is that is doesn't really matter if I get gauge or not. (It's doesn't matter to ME, I should say.) However, all of this goes down the drain if what I am knitting has to be felted.

Felting is pretty subjective, isn't it? Does my machine felt as well as yours'? I like hard felt, Myra likes a drapier felt. But how do you know exactly how much bigger to make your project? Careful, frequent checking inside the washing machine seems like the best way to proceed. I once made a laptop bag that was about twice as big as I needed it to be, but when it felted, it grew width wise and shrunk in half top to bottom. So we cut it half and made two purses out of it.

Donna's fun bag looks like it might be a great place to take a nap with the addition of some tent poles. She good naturedly let us tease her about it's size. We are hoping it shrinks at least a third.

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