Thursday, October 30, 2008

Knit to Fit. This class has surely been our most popular class. Karen Jenkins teaches the class for 5 sessions during the fall. She is a fount of knitting information. Karen says that she learned all about knitting to fit while knitting with a group of ladies in Minnesota years ago. She has definitely honed her skills and never uses a pattern for her projects. Patterns are only used for inspiration; her students will tell you they can now look at a sweater and use just about any yarn and stitch pattern to get the look they want. Here are some of the sweaters in progress

This is Dori's -- she is the only one brave enough to make a turtleneck (out of Malabrigo, of course). One of the neat things about knitting "top down" is that you can try the sweater on as you go. Here, Dori was discussing picking up stitches for the sleeves. She decided it was too bulky and needed to pick up less stitches. More frogging ....

Elda is making hers out of Cascade 220 and is ready to do the sleeves

This is Justine's first sweater, out of Cascade 220 Tweed

Cathy's sweater is out of Nashua Creative Focus worsted, also ready for the sleeves

Robin has already started her sleeves and likes the roomy feel her sleeves give her.

Josephine finally figure out some solutions to her buttonbands, .

while Lisa may just be making a vest to go over another knitted top she has

Our other Lisa is making hers out of yummy Malabrigo in a gorgeous stitch pattern that really shows off the yarn.
This is Anne's first sweater. It's hard to believe that we first taught Anne how to knit less than a year ago. She is just zooming along
Last, but in no way least is Jill's sweater made out of Wool around the World 8-ply. I also just had to get a shot of the scarf she knit up from a Mac and Me pattern out of Kid Silk Haze and Punta Merisoft.

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