Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mike, the Fishmonger

You know how those days go. You are visiting with your girlfriends. The knitted uterus is hanging by the cash register. There is a brassiere pop up book on the coffee table. Women are sitting around chatting. Most men who walk into that milieu don't stay very long. (Tola's Mike and Jill's John are exceptions.)

But on this day, Mike the Fishmonger walks in. He smells a little fishy; has Wellingtons and a t-shirt on that are covered with scales. But he is in Mount Holly to register to vote, so right away, I fall in love with him. Then he tells us, he knits!! He's a knitter! This adorable, twenty something son to every mother, knits! He plops right down, and starts talking knitting. He is hungry for information, and we are happy to oblige. We find out he really is a fishmonger at the nearby, big organic grocery store, and made a death run to get to town in time to register. And he saw the store.

Oh, I hope he comes back. He is the epitome of a living doll. We don't have many men knitters; two guys who show up twice a year, and Bruce, our first crochet teacher who kept bringing Red Heart into the store. Mike needs to be a regular.....

Anne and Joanna and I had a great time at Bungs tonight...this is what they are knitting.

Joanna's sweater of Knit One Crochet Too Linus.
Anne's Rib Warmer of Jojoland.

The Autumn always makes me want to spin, so I got out this lovely bundle of wool and started working on it last week. I think I want to knit the Cottage Creation afghan out of my hand spun. Phyllis and Linda are knitting theirs out of Cascade 200.

Linda's beautiful vest from Knit Kimono knit of Rowan Felted Tweed. This is a classic piece she will be able to wear forever.

This is Branched Out, a lace scarf from I'm knitting for my daughter, Jeni, who doesn't ask for much, but hinted she would like a shawl a while ago. The yarn is some Lily Chin we had on sale. It's really very lovely to work with.

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Andrea said...

He's adorable!