Monday, March 09, 2009

Death by Spinning Wheel. Yarn shop owner wear may hats, knitted or otherwise. We are yarn pushers, teachers, bookkeepers, vacuum cleaner operators, hostesses, and social workers to name a few. One of the jobs I frequently hate is negotiator. Yesterday, one of my newer customers came back in. Last week, she bought a spinning wheel. Not just any wheel, but my Schacht Double Treadle. I think it's the best wheel on the market. It's the one I own. I always talk it up when I am asked about spinning wheels. It is pricier than most, but well worth it. I always say that it's the only wheel you will ever need. You may want other wheels as well, but you don't need them if you buy a Schacht. So, I was really delighted when this customer walked in and said that she wanted to buy it. She came in two Sundays ago and purchased said wheel and I thought everyone (including me) was happy. Well, she came back last Sunday and said that the wheel was literally killing her. It wasn't that it was this wheel in particular, but any wheel would be the same problem for her. You see, she has asthma and allergies, can't take medication, and when the wheel is working, it kicks up fiber into the air and her throat closes up. It took her a few tries at the wheel to figure out what the problem was. I told her to try wearing a mask when she spins. My son thinks she should wear a Darth Vader mask. I think that's too extreme, although I do like the image of Darth Vader spinning my hand dyed merino. So if she wants to return it, what am I to do? Of course, I don't want to be blamed for her death; (I wonder if Schacht has an insurance policy -- I must call them) I will take the wheel back if the latest remedy doesn't work. It will sell another time, I'm sure.
Friday night was our knitting group meet-up. Here are the latest projects, some in progress, others are actually done!

Donna's sweater knitted out of Artful Yarns Shakespeare.
Rachel's Peacock shawl out of Lacey Lamb. Love the color!
Brenda finished her Baby Alpaca Grande vest.
Gwen is crocheting with our newest cotton -- called Algarve from Skacel. It is self striping and runs about a sport-DK weight. Great colors!
Here is a Hallowig (pattern from
Don't you just love Barb's intarsia socks?
On Sunday, Teri stopped in to pick up some yarn that I special ordered for her. I asked her to bring her latest creations and of course she did. Hopefully, Teri will be teaching another class for us again in lace knitting.

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