Monday, March 23, 2009

Several months ago I wrote about a knitting needle stabbing me in the knee as I was leaving the store and complained that it really hurt. Well, I just read about a fellow knitter who was carrying her knitting bag, tripped and fell and was stabbed by a needle that almost pierced her heart and she lived to tell the tale! It was a Brittany needle no less. You can hear Ellin Klor's story here. Maybe those guys making the TSA rules about knitting needles weren't so wrong after all.

The last Knit to Fit class of this session was last Saturday. Some of the gals completed their sweaters, others were in different stages. All of the sweater are wonderful examples of what you can do without a pattern -- all you need is your imagination.

Here some of the students are examining Linda's finished sweater. She made it out of Bambou Soft and opted for 3/4 length sleeves. Knit to Fit indeed.

Here's Julie's creation out of Manos silk/blend She decided to do a rib pattern to avoid pooling, as this does happen sometimes with hand dyed yarn. Great job!

Jeanne used Cascade Dolce and a beautiful pattern stitch to show off her beautiful sweater.

Susan is partially done with hers. She is working with Rowan Felted Tweed. I just love the stitch she chose and love that buttonhole!

Carolyn is almost done with her Cascade 220 sweater. So nice to be able to try it on as you are knitting.

Hannah is wearing her finished cardigan. She wanted to replicate an old sweater that had worn out and she did a great job. This one is out of Cascade Eco Wool.

Sunday we had our knitting group and some old friends came to visit as well. Here, Phyllis is casting on for another baby sweater, while Linda looks on. Kelly, Linda, Brooke, Donna, Tola and Elda are knitting away.

Kelly started crocheting a rug and is in the finishing stages of her Autumn Aster Manos sweater from a pattern in the Interweave Summer 2008 issue. Pattern is by Michelle Rose Orne.

Judy and Marian are knitting away. Everytime Marian wears the Shrug she knit from a Plymouth pattern, somebody else wants it. I think this is her third or fourth one.

Ruthie stopped in to pick up more Malabrigo and to show me her completeld Malabrigo vest and of course it is purple!

Here is a picture of the bride. Joanna got married on Friday and still found time to come and knit at Woolbearers on Sunday. Here are some pix of her shawl -- which must be seen in person to be appreciated. It is absolutely fabulous.

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