Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Lovely Botanica Medallion Cardigan is going to be the death of me. I am certainly not going to be the first one at Woolbearers done with it. I think I have ripped it more than I have knit.
I was happily knitting away on it when I realized that one of the pattern stitches didn't look quite right. The Trinity stitch was the culprit. I was knitting it the way Shiri had instructed us to. Then, I taught my Beginner Knitting class the Trinity Stitch as described in Barbara Walker's Learn-to-Knit Afghan book. So, I knit a square following Barbara Walker's instructions. Then, I went back to the Botanica. I started the Trinity Stitch pattern according to Barbara Walker's instructions. She has you purling 3 stitches together and then purling back the next row. Shiri has you knitting 3 stitches together and knitting back the next row. I was so confused. I was thinking about leaving it the way it was, but Nah! I ripped it out and am now caught up to where I was to begin with.

I also caught another mistake. I did a left cross cable instead of a right cross cable. This time instead of ripping I undid the 6 stitch cable, dropped it back two rows. It was a little scary (you should have seen the look on Donna's face) undoing the stitches, because it's a cable and there's a lot more yarn between stitches. Then I used a crochet hook to loop the stitches back together, doing a right cross cable this time.

And voila! No more unknitting countless rows.

Anyway, it looks like Amy may beat us all. She's a lot further along than this photo show. Maybe she even has it finished by now, despite some ripping of her own. Jill is further along too.
This beautful Peacock shawl was knit by Rachel out of Lacey Lamb. It took her 9 months and she did it while she was knitting in public! Unbelievably gorgeous
Gwen and Joanna are showing off their new Xreme sock knitting skills. They are both taking a class making socks - one inside the other. Can't wait until they are done.
Even though I had to rip part of my Botanica, I was determined to finish this baby blanket out of Muench's Big Baby. So soft! I used the mitered square blanket pattern from Mason Dixon Knitting.
Kris was showing off one of her many projects. This one is out of Woolbearers' Hand Dyed Sterling and the pattern is Branching Out from
Sabra is doing a class on June 20 , June 27 & August 1 for this Autumn Entrelac Shawl (pattern and yarn by Jojoland) You must come and see what a great job she did. Better yet, sign up for the class and make one yourself.

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