Monday, October 05, 2009

We started a new KAL at the shop for the Jojoland Halo kimono.

I got my first seven hexagons done and started working on the in-between triangles. I just love the way the colors change ever so subtly. I stopped working on it because I was wondering about the directions. The pattern says to pick up for the triangles on the wrong side and then make your color changes on right side. I'm not sure this is correct, but will look carefully at the model we have in the shop, when I get back tomorrow. I may have to rip out the triangle. Some words of advice to anyone who wants to knit this. Use the cable cast-on method - it makes a cleaner edge and is easier after casting on to transfer stitches to the other needles. I did try doing this magic loop, but I just must be an old-fashioned knitter and prefer my double points. I am going to try and use some shorter needles, though. When you get down to 4 stitches -- there's a lot of needle in the way!

How do you get this -

to turn into this?

By doing this, of course and plenty of knitting. Gwen spun my hand dyed Merino/Bamboo blend and made a tam from a doily pattern. Another great knit by Gwen.

I think she got the doily-tam idea from knitting the Hemlock Flower Tam pattern by Robyn Wade

And she made another that she calls the "Pink Doily Tam". They must be like eating potato chips.

We had a lot of fun in my dye class on Saturday. Not too many spills and everyone made great looking sock yarn. I can't wait to see them knitted up. Stay tuned!

Jane knit this baby afghan out of Jil Eaton Minnowmerino -- two strands held together. It's hard to see, but in the closeup there is an outline of a bear that is knitted through0ut the afghan. Great job.

Sabra finished this gorgeous mitered square vest out of several colors of K1C2's Paintbox. We're having a class to get y0u started on making your own.

Rachel has been diligently working on her Dr. Who scarf. How long is it going to be?


Anonymous said...

Your merino/bamboo is a great color. I'll bet it's luscious in the hand. -Terry

woolbearers said...

Terry -- it is yummy!