Sunday, September 26, 2010

Knitting Brioche by Nancy Marchant is an amazing book, tons of information, pattern stitches and great patterns. She has lots of pictures of how to do various stitches and explains things in a clear and concise mannter.   I love the way this stitch looks.  I have a brioche stitch sweater pattern on the needles.. It's from Rowan Studio 18 called Birch -- it's knit with Rowan's Felted Aran Tweed doubled, so I really have no excuse, but to get it done quickly.

Here's a pattern that I wrote for one of my favorite hand dyed yarns -- Woolbearers' Alfresco.

Alfresco Brioche Cowl

Materials: 1 skein Woolbearers hand dyed Alfresco (200 yards); Size 13 16” circular needles

YOSL1 – Yarnover and slip 1 at the same time (it will appear as if you have made two stitches)

Cast on 48 stitches. Put in stitch marker to note the beginning of round.  Purl one row.

Set up row: *YOSL1 , K1; Rep from *

Round 1: *Knit the next stitch with its YO , YOSL1; Rep from *

Round 2: *YOSL1, Purl the next stitch with its YO; Rep from *

Repeat these two rounds until you have enough yarn to bind off.

Bind off very loosely.

Here are some pix of how to form a brioche stitch.

The middle two stitches are composed of the yarnover and slipped stitch.  They will be either knit together or purled together, depending upon which round you are doing.



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jm said...

picked up 2 skeins of your bulky yarn at Vogue Knitting Live and can't wait to start this project--1 to keep 1 to gift