Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Hi Tech meets Low Tech --  Knitting, along with other fiber arts  is supposed to be relaxing.  I think it can be -- if you aren't ripping out and cursing your project.  Computer work is not relaxing, but I do a lot of it and at times, I can even be as creative as I am with my knitting and spinning.  Teena came in the other day, looking for yarn for a  new project.  She wanted to knit the Magnolia Sweater from The Knitter, a UK publication.   But she did not have the magazine with her.  Better than the magazine, she had her iPad and an electronic subscription to The Knitter magazine.
Here is a picture of Teena's iPad with a knitting app that acts like a row counter.  There's lots of other knitting apps that you can get.  I'm sold. I've got to get one for the store.

Here's a low tech version of the sweater.  Teena chose Blue Heron Rayon Metallic yarn in colorway Polar Morn and just completed the lace edging on the sleeve. It is really knitting up beautifully.

Jane completed many projects this summer.  First is her Progressive shawl knit out of St. Denis Nordique yarn.  It's her first shawl and she did a fabulous job.

Jane also finished a wallaby sweater -- the first sweater she has knit for herself and it fits!

Janet finished her Wallaby after much fussing.  It came out great!  She's been knitting for less than 6 months and already has a lot of projects under her belt.

Vaughn always amazes me.  She knits, weaves, spins -- anything fibery.  She came in the other day and showed me this beautiful scarf she wove out of Kauni Effektgarn in color EQ.  Isn't it lovely?  Trish tried to give me all the technical terms -- but I can only handle so much information.  The best I got out of it is that the scarf was woven in plain weave.

We had our Microwave Felted Bag class and it was a great success!  We'll be doing another session on Dec. 11th @ 1 pm, so if you missed out on all the fun -- be sure to sign up for this one.  Here are some of the end results.

I hope you have all heard about Creativity for a CauseSponsered by the shops at Mill Race Village and yours truly, Creativity for a Cause's next event is on Saturday, November 13th.  You can sign up for workshops and lunch at the Robin's Nest all in support of "Feeding our Neighbors in Need".  Check it out.  I have been hosting a workshop at Woolbearers since they began doing this -- it's all for a great cause and you'll have a lot of fun too.

Last but not least (I hope) I just have to show off my latest shawl.  Now, I'm not much of lace knitter, but when I saw this new yarn come in I know I had to do something with it.  It's Manos Laceweight -- alpaca, cashmere and silk and it is soo soft and yummy and has been flying off the shelf.  I looked on Ravelry for a project worthy of this scrumptious yarn and found Annis on

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