Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I have a class of beginning and not-so beginning knitters on Saturday morning.  Most of them are working on Barbara Walker's Learn to Knit Afghan Book.  There are 63 squares-- each square is a different technique.  It's really a great project.  If you read this blog, you would have seen the first finished afghan from my class.  Sometimes I'll work on a square, particularly if it's some new technique for the class.  Other times, I'm knitting on various projects in hopes of getting something finished.  So, it came as no surprise when one of the gals asked me if I ever finish anything.  I happened to be wearing my just-off-the-needles February Lady Sweater.  Why yes, I do finish something once in a while.  This got me thinking. How many things do I actually finish.  When  I bring up my Ravelry page, the WIP projects are always listed first, so it definitely makes me feel like I never accomplish anything.  So I decided to count.  Within the last 12 months, I actually finished 25 projects.  Now, I know this includes some hats, scarves and other small items.  But, there were a few sweaters and shawls.  Of course, I refuse to count all the projects that are lingering and the ones I just started and haven't put on Ravelry yet!

One of the reasons why I start so many new projects is because of all the wonderful new yarns that come my way. I can hardly resist all the new patterns and colors and textures.  I just brought some Sublime into the shop and I have to say these patterns are just my style!

Pattern book for Sublime Bamboo & Pearls

Here is the new Sublime Tussah Silk DK -- 50%Silk/ 50% Viscose
Sublime Bamboo Pearls

Sublime Baby Silk -- Machine washable silk and nylon for little or big ones .
 And how about a little Tequila?  (more colors are coming in )
I love to see my customers' finished projects.  Here is a wrap done by Hannah out of Nashua Isabella, a wool/silk blend   -- the pattern is from Nature's Wrapture.  It is really soft and yummy.   She loved the yarn so much that she's knitting another shawl from the book out of the same yarn.

Bonnie finished her Summer Flies out of Plymouth Kudo. Love the way the yarn stripes.

Gail did a spectacular job on the Isobel Skirt from Interweave Knits Winter 2010.  This is made out of Manos Silk Blend. A present for her daughter who just got married.

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