Wednesday, May 11, 2011

 The Green Sweater Redux.  You may recall our Green Sweater KAL.  Gary made the most beautiful Green Sweater out of Woolbearers' Ringspun.  The pattern called for steeking, which everyone did do.  Gary used the crocheted steeking method after a few experiments with other steeking methods and really liked the results.  However,  he wasn't satisfied with just that.  He decided to redo the pattern and reknit the sweater without any steeks.  Here is his version knit in Cascade 220.  His mom liked it so much that she wants one now.  So, he is in the process of knitting a third Green Sweater and we'll show you the results as soon as he's finished.

Here are some other projects that have been completed!  Marinel's Harlequin Vest (pattern from Knit One, Crochet Too)  knit in Crystal Palace's Mochi Plus.  Just love how the colors glow.

 Speaking of color -- Marcia finsihed her Celebrate Tunic from Knitters Magazine Fall 2010.  It is made out of Cascade 220.

 Katie finished her Meandering Vines Shawl out of Woolbearers' Merino/Bamboo Sock yarn.


 Lydia made this pari of socks, but can't remember the pattern, and wants to make them again. She thinks it may be an Interweave pattern. If anyone can help, please let us know.  Thanks!

I have been busy dyeing.  Here is a new selection of Mohair Glitz and a new yarn called "Cotton Shine".  It's a Cotton/Rayon mix and really does shine.  I knit up a "Saroyan" scarf and love the results.

Deb crocheted a cute sweater for her granddaughter's Easter outfit out of Amy Butler's Belle Organic yarn.

 New Interweave Knits for Summer.  See my Facebook page for more inspiration from this issue
 Also, from Interweave is special issue called "Knit & Spin". Lots of great ideas in this issue.
The new Piecework issue is all about Lace

Speaking of lace --- Fran completed the shawl she knit for her daughter's upcoming nuptials.  It is made out of Tilli Tomas' beaded lace and is absolutely gorgeous.   You would never believe that Fran has only been knitting for 2 years.

If you need a little sparkle in your life -- here is "Little Stars" from Southwest Trading.   A sockweight blend of Merino and nylon and  a little bit of glitz.   What fun.

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