Monday, March 12, 2007

Bounced Check Jacket
Support Group

Simply Knit is a book of fabulous sweater patterns. I first saw the book shortly after we opened Woolbearers and was immediately smitten with the Bounced Check Jacket. As a fairly new knitter of less than a year at that time, it was a challenge to contemplate and also nerve wracking to think I could use that much yarn on one project. I wanted to use a worsted weight, hand dyed yarn of hemp and wool by Dzined, so had to figure out dimensions because the pattern calls for dk weight Shetland wool by Jamieson. Anyway, the jacket was great fun to knit and very easy. I've wanted to do another one in the Jamieson ever since, and a few weeks ago the chance presented itself when several customers said they would like to knit the jacket but needed some support because it looks so complicated.

Then I got lucky when our faithful customer, Gwen said she wanted to do it, too and I knew I could count on her to offer technical support. She chose ten spring colors that include saffron, gold, a soft fuchsia, pink, violet, lavender and black. It is really striking. She is almost done with the jacket! See picture above.

I've only worked on the squares when I am in the group, so as you can see from the pictures on the left, I'm not getting too far. And the thing is, I really want to work on it! It is so relaxing, and once you start with the squares, you can knit them mindlessly. You pick up stitches along one selvedge and cast on the rest and just keep knitting them. The diagonal ridge is formed by decreasing two stitches in the center of the square. As the sweater progresses, I'll post pictures of mine and the others. Also, I hope to knit more of the great sweaters in the book!