Sunday, March 11, 2007

Machine Love The object of my affection is a large and dusty carding machine that arrived in my barn this afternoon. My husband wrestled it into place with the previous owner, who drove from Utica to deliver it to us. After the store closed, Myra and I drove home as fast as we could to gaze upon it. I openly stroked it; she touched it when she thought no one was looking.

After dinner, I went back out to the barn, freezing as it was after dark, and spent an hour cleaning it and looking at it. I can imagine the colors we are going to blend in this new toy. I carded a king sized pillow case of California Red in about two minutes. I want it's area to be neat and clean. The barn was last swept out maybe last summer. So far, because of the new arrival, in one day, it was swept twice. Now I can't wait to clean the darn barn!

We have lots of dyed wool that I plan on carding tomorrow, rich magenta, a soft violet, terra cotta, Chinese red and sage green. How it will go together, only tomorrow will tell, but I bet I get up at sunrise with a smile on my face, raring to go!