Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Beauty Is As Beauty Does

A few years ago when Myra and I went to The National Needles Arts trade show in Columbus, Ohio, I took a business class called something like Making the Most of Your Customer Contact, or maybe not, but it was in that vein. The instructors gave some good advice to novice and experienced store owners alike. Both were beautifully dressed and coiffed. Toward the end of the class, one of the gals, someone from Michigan actually, made a rather strong statement about store owners' presentation. She felt it was appalling the way some store owners wore jeans and t-shirts, hair pulled back in a ponytail, no makeup.....unfortunately, all the ladies sitting at my table and one of the men had jeans on and my hair was pulled back into a ponytail.

Our store has always been a working store. Until we moved, I did almost all of the dyeing I needed to do for the store right there. We usually have some project to do that requires getting dirty. The store isn't static. Moving things around, stashing things away, and now that we are still getting settled, painting furniture, repackaging fibers, and hauling cardboard is a daily occurrence. I wear makeup because I don't want our customers to think I'm sick and then feel too uncomfortable in my presence to shop! But I can't see wearing an 'outfit' and then digging through an unwashed fleece that a new spinner brings in for us to ogle, or cleaning out the refridgerator.

Hopefully, no one has been offended by our casual dress. Gail Trautz found these absolutely fabulous rubber gloves and gave them to Myra for her birthday. Aren't they fun? So now Myra can dye her yarn while protecting her hands and still look fabulous, Darling! Maybe I'll look for some embroidered jeans like the ones we had in the 60's and 70's. Do they make them in women's sizes?

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