Monday, May 07, 2007

Three Generations

Our customers who keep coming back with friends and family in tow are the backbone of the business. They read our newsletters and go to the websites regularly to see what is new, or what they have missed. If they get an itch for something fast to knit, they drive to us, rather than a closer big box store. Shevann is a regular customer. We see her during lunch some weekdays, and on the weekends. When her mother, Virginia, from Arizona, and daughter Kristin from Reading, PA came to visit, she brought them to Woolbearers.

When grandchildren are born, weddings planned, and sadly, loved ones die, we are often among the friends who get the news. I realized this weekend that many of my friends are those who came into my life via Woolbearers.

Our three year anniversary was on Saturday. We celebrated by continuing the monumental task of putting away a stash of yarn that I am still in awe of!

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