Friday, May 18, 2007


Finally, I got an IPod for my birthday. I've been wanting one, so that I could download all those neat knitting podcasts I've heard so much about. A great thing to listen to on my way to the shop in the morning. Now I can be as cool as my 13 and 16 year olds. The one podcast I've heard mentioned the most is Lime n' Violet. So, I was especially pleased when a customer, Sydney, came to the store yesterday and told us that Lime n' Violet mentioned Woolbearers on their latest podcast. Here's the URL . It's episode 36, entitled "Bellybutton Funk" and about 58 minutes into the podcast, Woolbearers is mentioned as a donor to Jessica's Sock-along. They looked at Woolbearers' website -- they made a big deal of .net vs. .com, but finally found it and said some complimentary things about our yarn. So --- thanks to Jessica we're getting noticed. An even nicer birthday present than the IPod.

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