Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Golden Compass is a movie that is going to open this weekend........the producer must have a relative in the yarn business who is trying to get rid of novelty yarns. The character of Lyra wears several knitted outfits which include three different hats, leg warmers, sweaters, mittens and this coat. It actually looks like a quick knit, of something bulky, lots of garter stitch. I would leave out the fun fur.

I wonder if the movie will have the same cachet that Harry Potter did. Will we see Golden Compass knitting patterns? Will there be more requests for fun fur? I might try to knit up a quick sample of something similar, just to get ahead of the crowd....if it is a hit. If it's a flop, just delete this post.


julieanders said...

I came strait home from the movie to try and find the pattern for this exact sweater. I you do some thing or find some thing please post it. Thanks, Julie

woolbearers said...

Julie, if I get the time, it would be fun to try to copy the sweater. It looks like an easy knit. If you get to it first, let us know!!!

Anonymous said...

I just saw the movie. I would love the pattern for her knit hat. If anyone happens upon it please post!

juuli said...

I love this stuff too! I don't think a furry yarn is going to be in demand as a result, in fact I didn't even notice it in the film. I feel the yarns are becoming bulkier, and yes, it will be a mini-boom, if not more.

A word of caution though: anything so bulky will look ghastly on anyone not size 0 - as seen with Twinkle's knits.

This said, I'd be delighted for the bonnet pattern myself!