Sunday, November 11, 2007

Knit Away!

Here's a sampling of customer projects both finished and in progress. Because I forgot, once again, how to get pictures and text aligned, I will have to write several posts to load all the pictures.

Jill's Wrap Me Up shawl is finished! She did a beautiful job. Seeing Jill and her daughter, Kristen every week is a pleasure for us. Now that the wraps are done, we hope they will continue to come back to knit.

The three spinners, on the top picture, Debbie, Marie and Lisa, were quick learners who brought great joy to my day! They inspired and encouraged. Thank you, ladies!

The rest of the pictures cover several months of getting to visit with fun, bright and talented gals. Gwen, Jane, Kelly, Elda, Sabra and Jo's knitting, and Anne's weaving follows.

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