Monday, November 26, 2007

Ravelry By now I'm sure that most of you have heard about Ravelry and either joined or are on the waiting list. I wasn't sure what to expect when I joined, but now I'm addicted. It's fun to find all the other folks working on the same projects as you are or looking at other projects that you are just dying to get your needles casted on for. Our ravelry ID is Woolbearer and we are also starting to list our yarn. So if you haven't been able to link your Woolbearers yarn before, check again and there's probably a link for your Woolbearers yarn now.

The other thing that Ravelry is doing for me, is getting me more focused on finishing projects.

Here is my second "Wrap Me Up" shawl. Now, I hardly ever knit anything twice. That's why I don't do socks. Too many onesies. But I saw the Karaoke yarn sitting on the shelf for so long, I had to do something with it. Then I thought -- maybe I could make this into an "evening wrap"; one that I could wear when I go out at night, say to Wegman's. Anyway, I dressed it up a little bit by putting fake pearl and silver beads on it. The edging is done in Anny Blatt Angora and there's a bit of Lily Chin's Greenwich Village black mohair/glitz in several blocks. That's what I love about this project -- so many choices. Everyone who has done the wrap has come up with a completely different look for it.
Another FO

Jo Sharp Felted Bag from Jo Sharp Knits 3. This was fun to make because it's not a lot of knitting. There's a tiny bit of intarsia and some short row shaping -- a very satisfying project and of course, the felting part hides all the flaws.

But, I had lots of yarn leftover. What to do. Another project of course. So, I finally started the Adult Surprise Jacket. I read EZ's pattern and opened up my excel spreadsheet and went to town. I've finished the first section of decreases, now I'm back to the increases. After the holidays this will be a Woolbearers KAL. Stay tuned. I would be working on this more, but after perusing Ravelry's pattern pages I just had to stop and knit up

these adorable baby booties and Norwegian cap. I'm using our new Karabella Aurora 4. It's so soft and yummy to knit with. The pattern for the booties can be found here and this is link for the hat.
These will be finished in no time.
Other UFO's -- The Modern Quilt Wrap from Folk Styles which I will begin again as soon as the rest of the yarn comes from Rowan (this week I've been told).

Another project from Folk Styles -- the Grand Waistcoat made out of The Fibre Company's Terra

The good or bad thing about Ravelry is it reminds you just how many projects you actually have on the needles. There are lots more UFO's. Come visit me on Ravelry to see more. I'd love to see what you are working on!

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DivineMsN said...

I feel the same way about Ravelry. It reminds me to pick up my needles and finish my project. It is so cool to be able to interface with some many different people. Now if only I could knit and surf the web at the same time.....