Friday, September 12, 2008

FINALLY! The Stonington Shawl is finished, well, finished being knitted. Still has to be violently blocked, which is the best thing to do with Shetland wool. The lace edging is Kauni and I really like the gradation. Some of it is contrived; I felt the gradation between the gray and black was too abrupt, so I did a little fudging. The dark mark left center is due to the anchovy mishap. I think I can get it out with a little soak in Dawn dishwashing detergent with grease remover.
My friends know that one of my frivolous regrets in life is that I didn't get any tattoos in my youth. I'd have to have six strong people pull my skin taut enough to get one now. So I am a follower of anyone with ink and this lovely and patient young woman allowed me to oogle her and take her picture while I followed her around the store. Her right arm is beautiful and I loved the left.
The Knit to Fit class is becoming one of the most popular classes we have offered. Here Karen is measuring Lisa to determine the number of stitches she will cast on to start knitting back of the sweater she is designing for herself. The gals (no guys signed up) take a pattern or idea they admire and alter it to suit their body type and design preference. We feel really lucky to be able to offer this opportunity to our customers.
This scary guy can be yours!

with Susan Maruska
Learn basic needlefelting techniques while creating your own felted pumpkin, just in time for Halloween. We'll provide the wool, please bring your own felting needles.
Dates: Sunday Oct 12 & 19 11 am - 1 pm
Cost: $45

Teri knit this lace scarf, detail above, as a sample for the class she is teaching this fall. If you would like some extra help with lace knitting, including edgings, this is the class for you.

This two class course will cover some of the baiscs for knitting lace: different ways to cast on for lace knitting, how to read graphed instructions, some ways to keep track of where you are in the pattern, and how to block a finished piece of knitted lace. In the first class we will concentrate on making a lace scarf as we get used to reading graphed instructions and making a lace pattern. In the second class we will learn about making a lace edging. Class members will have the option of adding a lace edging to the end of the scarf they made in the first class or just making a simple edging that cold be sewn on to a towel or pillowcase.Please bring 300 yards of fingering weight yarn and a pair of size 4,5, or 6 needles, plus a small amount of waste yarn. Prerequisite: Casting on, knitting and purling.
Dates: Nov 16 & 30 1 pm - 3 pm Cost: $45

Pam knit her top of Woolbearers Rayon Ratine. It's really lovely with the lace edging on the sleeves and hem, detail below. She knit it while recovering from majoy shoulder surgery and time off from her job as an OR nurse.
One of the highlights of my short trip back to Michigan last week was the chance to see the Moving Vietnam Veteran Memorial. It was pretty dramatic. I think we'll have to go to Washington, DC to see the original. My husband is a veteran and hopes the memorial will help the people of the United States to prevent our goverment from ever making a mistake like that again. Be sure to register to vote! We only have 50 days until the next election.

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