Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Last Saturday was crazy! This picture shows a combo of the Stonington Class, the February Lady Sweater knit along, ladies waiting for friends, and people just needing help. Behind the picture was the Great American Afghan class.Bodette and Mary, shopping for bags!

The new rage in the store is the Dumpling Bag from the Fall Interweave Knits. Joanna knit these three; the far left has the Phillies insignia, and the other two are Halloween bags knit of Loft. They are just great.

Phyllis knit this great baby dress and hat of Mission Falls Cotton for a lucky girl.

Tola and Micheal visiting before the big move! They left PA and moved to NJ to be closer to the store, right?

Below, the Wednesday night weaving class finished their projects. Judy wove her Lacy shawl of a combination of silk, cotton and linen.

This photo shows the shuttle being inserted into the shed.

Here Judy is pulling the beater forward to bring the yarns she placed into the shed into place.

Judy's gorgeous shawl, right off the loom, and a close up of the 'web'.

Below is Cheryl's table runner as she is taking it off the loom, with a close up of the web.

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