Sunday, September 07, 2008

i'm tired
sick and tired of love
i've had my fill of love
from below and above
tired, tired of being admired
tired of love uninspired
let's face it
i'm tired

Madelyn Kahn

Except for the admiration part, those lyrics sum up the weekend in a nutshell. I spent most of it either in the supine position on the love seat in the store knitting, or on my feet helping folks choose yarn. That was fun!

One gal got a Fiddlestick pattern, the name I have already forgotten, that is an elbow length shawl with a feather and fan border and is using Bullfrogs and Butterflies in Black Purl. I think it will be great.Nancy's Sox Appeal Sock above, and Racheal's fabulous needle felted Pixie's.

Anne is knitting her February Lady Sweater of Malabrigo Worsted in Marron Oscuro. I can't wait to see it! Kathy got a deep blue green heather Cascade 220 for hers. Arlene's in Somerset in Melon is going to be lovely, too. Mine, on the other hand, is now sixty inches around. However, I am three rows away from finishing the body, so it's not being ripped. It will be our first plus sized maternity garment sample.

The Dumpling Bag is still hot. Beth brought in two she knit that are not yet felted; one of Loft and one of Paint Box.

Phyllis and Linda came in; we haven't seen Linda in a year! She looks great. And knitting up a storm; she got curry colored Somerset for the February Lady Sweater and sock yarn. Phyllis is knitting her granddaughter a great shrug of Baby Alpaca Grande.Phyllis's Metro Vest of Lanamira, and Clapotis of Kraemer Sterling.

Cate, Judy and moi worked on our Stonington. (my never ending Stonington). Rachel was working on something lovely of Lacy Lamb. Robin's Hemlock Ring is almost finished; she was binding off. Donna's working on her clapotis, (Phyllis was, too) and Brenda was visiting! I know she had some knitting in her hands.....

Kris's Star Bunting of Big Baby is fabulous. We discussed the possibility of knitting it in something feltable, which I think is a great idea. Jill brought goodies in as she usually does and then doesn't eat of them!

Suzanne and Wendy met at the store...they are taking Sabra's sock sock, along with Judy and myself, so that should be a blast! Poor Sabra.

Madelyn, you can see her up in the far right corner of the group picture, came in again, twice in one weekend! I don't see her for six months and then daily! It's my treat!

This is what happened in about two hours of the afternoon, the rest of the day was a blur. So, I'm tired.

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