Saturday, October 13, 2007

Bikes, Ink, and Lace
There is definitely a theme here. Jim is the cutie with the leather vest. The patches are embroidered, colorful and rich. I was immediately inspired by two of them; a Metallica patch on the upper back, and a beautiful green patch from Hawaii on the front. He and his gorgeous girlfriend spent time with us in our booth. I am looking forward to doing a colorway in his honor. Think it will be called Biker Chick.

The bottom picture is of the lovely arm of Mary, the Bee Keeper. She really is one! She has many tattoos, the number I have forgotten but think it may be 27. Forgive me Mary, if this is wrong. The dragon fly and tiger lily, bee and butterfly, are all 'anatomically correct', Mary tells us. As our readers know, ink really is my latest love. I see someones legs or arms with artwork and it makes me crazy.

My husband told me his is getting his wedding ring tattooed on because he is a guitarist and also builds amps, and his metal ring bothers him when he is playing. Now, everytime I see him, I want to jump him, and we've been married 39 years. (sorry for the disgusting imagery.)

So look for new colorways Biker Chick and Bee Keeper. I cannot wait to get back to dyeing to see what comes up! Matt's Tatts continues to escape my dye pot. I cannot get the same intensity I got with the first dozen skeins. It was just the right combination of the dyes, I guess. Lisa, I will keep trying. She came to Baltimore today and may have a broken wrist after falling at the convention center. Let us know how you are!

The bus was late, but all 47 women made it from Mount Holly to Baltimore today. It was so nice for us to see the beautiful faces of our favorite women. I live two miles from Laurie, but I see her so rarely and today was a special day. A few of our customers who we saw today are Marilyn, Linda, Clara, Annie, Maureen, Mary, Phyllis, Yvaine, Elda, Rina, Joanna, Stephanie, Susan, Teddie, Donna, Brenda, Hinda, Jo, Roz, Donna, Sandy, Arlene, Susan and Kathy, and many more, it was great seeing you! I know you spent tons of money! Sabra did a wonderful job keeping everyone happy. Mary K, Ryann and Beth took care of business in the store.

Ok, tomorrow is the last day, which means taking down our booth and heading for home. Our summer time employee, Suzanne, is coming home with us. She is in college in Baltimore and worked with us this weekend.

We will have more to report next week, once we recover from the experience. I hope you will post your opinions!


Deb said...

I wish I could have been there! Sounds like a great time was had by all- except maybe Lisa. Hope she is ok!

Deb said...

I wish I could have been there! Sounds like a great time was had by all- except maybe Lisa. Hope she is ok!

robin said...

Jim and I really enjoyed talking with you on Saturday! Thanks for featuring him on your blog, and I look forward to seeing that yarn!

elan said...

Mark & I are getting wedding ring tattoos, we've been married 15 years & he can't wear his ring at work (losing a finger isn't worth it).