Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Uptown Girl Most of our customers know that when they come in, we are thrilled to see them. We (especially Myra) want you to be comfortable here. We strive to get yarns in the store that you want. We have our own style, which is jeans and t- shirts, because we are usually doing some kind of physical work. No heels for us. Our manicures are usually done with blue dye; sorry about the seemingly uncaring appearance, but we are just busy! I often spend some time in the barn before coming into the store, sans sheep manure boots. The only reason I started wearing makeup was because it was getting embarrassing with everyone asking me if I was all right, I looked so bad!

If we ever seem uptight about anything, it could be because we just got bad news, are worried about a kid or a dog, had an encounter with a rude visitor, or dealing with a leaking ceiling. Life.

We see ourselves as caring and open to all, not judgemental, trying to walk the line between staying in business and helping customers to make wise decisions when adding to their stash. When we fail, we apolo

So what am I getting at? We are getting Karabella! Having a more expensive yarn in the store doesn't mean we are getting uppity. It just mea
ns that we saw something we thought would be fun to have. This is their Cashmere Lace Weight. For $25 the yardage is 202. A great buy for a luxury fiber. You could make a wonderful shawl for yourself or a special person for under $100. We are starting with four colors to see how you like it, but can get more colors later. We also got the Aurora line, which is an extra fine merino with a beautiful twist. It reminds me of Lana Grossa Bingo Chine. Somehow, they manage to have this distinctively angled twist, but still keep the yarn soft. As a spinner, I know how hard that must be. Again, it is priced competitively. The worsted isn't as low as Cascade, but in the ballpark of Jo Sharp, Rowan and Nashua worsted weight yarns. We should be getting our order by the end of the week or early next week.

We have a lot of fun things happening this weekend; Friday night is our monthly Meetup Group. Go to and check out the Mt. Holly Knitting Group, or just stop by at six and bring your knitting. This is a great group of women who know how to have fun. We had to stop serving wine because of the rowdy behavior of several of the older gals. Not!

Saturday I have room for one more student in our Spinning Class. Class starts at 10am.

Sunday is the monthly South Jersey Spinners and Handweavers Spin In from 1-3pm.
We finally got most of Bijorn's wonderfully dyed yarns priced and out for sale. The sock yarn is the favorite so far. 416 yards for $27
.75 is a bargain when you see how lovely it is. The merino tencel superwash is my favorite.

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