Sunday, October 28, 2007

Our postman, Greg, is one of the people who make our life so much easier. He makes sure we get mail that even six months after our move has the old address, he picks up piles of packages for us, saving countless trips to the PO, and he seems really glad to see us every day! So, thanks, Greg!

On Saturday, I drove up to a little town in the mountains of northern New Jersey called Blairtown, and took a class organized by North Country Spinners, teaching how to dye self stripping sock yarn. The instructor, Tricia Wetherston, provided a jig made of a board and twelve dowels. The yarn is wound around the jig in such a fashion that six bundles of yarn are made so they can be dyed separately. After dyeing, the bundles have to be straightened out and placed back on the jig so that it can be wound into a ball without being tangled into a gross mess.
I'll post a picture after it dries and I can take it off the jig. Keep your fingers crossed.

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