Monday, January 21, 2008

Another attractive image of moi. I told you I was going to finish those UFOs, but maybe the truth is, some should simply be thrown in the trash.

This is, well, I'm not sure what it is, but I think it was going to be a felted purse. However, it shrunk depth wise, but got wider. This is a common problem with bags I design. You can see it's too big for a hat. One could cut legs in into it and make a rather large soaker.

Because I am always hopeful, and I don't think the Vietnam Veterans want anymore failed felted projects from me, I think I will find some long, leather straps to sew on it and make a knitting bag.

Tonight I will finish another baby surprise jacket out of our hand dyed wool boucle. I think we have finally found a wonderful use for this yarn. It is textured, soft, machine washable, and fun to knit. Knitters aren't always sure what to do with it. Two customers have made vests out of it that were successful. I'm also knitting a rib warmer from EZ from it. Will hopefully post pictures tomorrow.

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HKoranteng said...

You know - alot of my knitting suffers from the condition your UFO does- HUGENESS- I've made several "mush mouth hats" - you know the pink one that Fat Alberts friend used to wear? And I've recently tried to save a pice of modular knitting by putting some little sleves on to maybe turn into a dog it looks like something an Umpa Loompa would dress a baby in...