Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Blame it on Kelly or Linda, but I could not hold out any longer. I just had to start the “Ivy League Vest” from the Interweave Knits Winter 2007 issue.

I love color work in knitting. I love to look at it. However, I have a love/hate relationship with it doing it. I finally learned how to do two-handed fair isle and that

Myra's Jamieson Yarn for Vest

Linda's Jamieson Yarn for Vest

has saved me. I always knit too tight for stranded knitting and always ended up with great big puffs of color here and there, instead of a nice smooth fabric. I remember all too well the college boyfriend’s argyle sweater. But then, no one knitted when I went to college (except moi), so no one knew the difference.

I start great guns on a color work project and then let it sit for a very long time. Lots of times they end up as UFO’s forever. This time, I am going to get it done. No sleeves – how hard can that be?I have already ripped and reknit a few rows. Gotta get this one perfect. But I will finish it – maybe before Linda or Kelly have theirs done. Whaddya say girls?

Still working on the Great American Afghan. Sabra finished the socks square. I think these are the cutest socks I have ever seen.

Here are some new customer projects. Remember Donna's bag when it wasn't felted yet. Well, here it is felted -- still big enough to hold at least 15 projects.

Here is a picture of our hand dyed mohair knit up by Heather, who we met at Stitches and she has come all the way down to our shop from Jersey City to buy more. Great job!

Jamie's first pair of socks -- hope to see Jamie and her new baby soon.

Julia and her daughter Jennifer just love hand dyed yarn. Jennifer made a scarf from Sheep Shop yarn and mom made some handwarmers from Woolbearers Kona yarn

Barbara Jean was inspired by "Homespun Handknit" and made these beautiful mittens in several different colorways of Woolbearers sock yarn.

Janet also loves knitting socks with our hand dyed yarn. I just had to get a shot of those toes!

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