Sunday, January 20, 2008

Do you remember during the '70's, a picture of Richard M. Nixon with a caption that read, 'Would you buy a used car from this man?' I thought of that when we moved from one house to another twelve years ago, and my husband, loving though he is, moved my refrigerator out from the wall in front of six women I worked with at the time. I thought, 'they'll never eat a meal I've cooked again.' If memory serves, there was a dehydrated mouse under there. Gross.

I tell you this because I'm outing myself right now regarding UFOs. Embarrassment aside, this is a picture of my dining room table. Last week, I promised my husband I would finally clean out all of the knitting bags from the coat closet. It was sort of a deal; he would clean his business papers off the dining room table and I would clean out the closet. However, the contents of the closet ended up on the dining room table. There are more than twenty bags on the table. I found at least ten projects out of my hand spun. There are socks on circs, bags to felt, two sweaters, a lace shawl, several scarves, and something unidentified. I have no idea what it is.

There is a vest from Folk Vests that needs a skein of hand dyed yarn to be dyed, an entrelac jacket out of our hand dyed that is on too small needles and I am working up the courage to rip, about five projects out of Manos from the '70's, including a messenger bag and a dog sweater, several things in Shetland that I forgot I had started, an Einstein jacket, several Elizabeth Zimmerman things, a 'faux' Entrelac hat that Myra gave me to knit a few years ago but I don't think I understood the pattern back then; maybe I could do it now. There is a chenille 'thing', a commercial wool boucle 'thing', and a silk blend 'thing'. I am going to rip them out because, again, I have no idea what I was doing. It could be I was designing on the needles and then had a brain fart and thought better of it.

To get back to the dining room, notice the loom folded up against the wall with another, smaller loom on top of it. Then, if you look really hard, you can see in the left foreground, yet another loom, this one a 16 harness. Look, I cooked for thirty seven years and served a hot meal to any one within shouting distance. We don't even need a kitchen now, let alone a dining room, so what better thing to do than use it to organize my knitting??? I refuse to feel guilty, I refuse to feel guilty, I refuse to feel guilty.

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Barb said...

I just showed Tom your table. Thank you, thank you. I am supposed to be using up my stash, but until I have 10 knitting bags going, I think I am safe now. (I only have 5 projects out and on the needles- we won't talk about the ones I stored for the holidays.