Monday, March 24, 2008

In a moment of OCD, I found a collection of Luxite needles on ebay, 350 pair, to be exact, for a song. Not really wanting to hide them away in my current organization frenzy, I dug up these colorful vases and am storing them this way. Bubble wrap or tissue paper in the bottoms should hopefully protect the points.

Gwen spun the yarn for the vest and then realized there may not be enough to finish the back, so she did a little experimentation and the wonderful, strippy back is the result. I'll have to remember that technique if I ever run out of yarn. The detail is the front fabric.

More rib warmer inspiration; Kristen is doing this one from her stash of leftover novelty yarns.
Surprise! it actually made me want to knit with eyelash yarn again! It is a fun, soft vest!
Jill's finished child sized rib warmer. Note the perfect turns! Amazing job, Jill!
I included this child's sweater Jill knit for another grandchild because of the story of the yarn. She used Woolbearers Alfresco; a soft, singles hand dyed that has a gold stripe of acrylic fiber through it that doesn't take the dye. It is one of our most popular yarns. As luck would have it, she ran out of yarn and we said we would try to match it. First Myra dyed some, to help me out as it has been a little cold to dye in the barn. The yarn was too dark. Then I broke down and dyed some in the house. The smell of urea was so strong I was sure that the dye must have gone bad. In the middle of the night, I remembered the label on the 'vinegar' bottle looking odd, so I got up and went to the kitchen; it was ammonia. My husband was trying to be helpful but bought ammonia for me instead of vinegar. (thanks be to heaven that I wasn't making a salad that day....). Anyway, the yarn was too light and I was afraid that the ammonia might have ruined the yarn in some way. I did eventully dye something for her that matched, and the ammonia yarn is being transformed into yet another ribwarmer by moi.
Judy's beautiful Wrap Me Up Shawl. She is using a variety of yarns in a variety of colorways! I remember seeing Paint Box, Rowan Tapestry, and Boku! It's a true work of art.
Wrap Me Up Shawl is going to be a class again; check out the class list on our website for dates and times.
Debra's Tapestry Wrap Me Up Shawl; she is using several different colorways of Rowan's Tapestry, a wonderful soy silk wool blend yarn. Its drape and feel are to die for.
Adult Surprise Sweater-Elizabeth Zimmerman's
one piece garter stitch design for adults.

Gwen's version, just beginning. She took a skein of Myra's Kona in a beachy colorway and picked complimentary yarns to go with it. It's going to be lovely!
Myra's version in Jo Sharp; so soft and beautiful, I can't wait to see it completed.
The Adult Surprise Jacket is a class starting in April. Check the website for times and dates.

Tapestry Works in Progress

The tapestry weavers continue to meet every Tuesday; if you get a chance, it's worth while to come and in a watch them weave. It's a slow, mesmerizing process, and they look so content and relaxed. (unless someone is ripping out....)
Joanne is weaving this piece from the photo of a baseball diamond. The subtle shading done with yarn color changes is amazing in it's duplication of the photo.
Mary wove this gorgeous tapestry as one of her first projects. Details below.

This is Marie's first tapestry weaving. It is a sampler woven to learn all the special techniques weavers use to weave shapes. She did a beautiful job?
Naomi is just starting this piece; note the bobbins wound with different colored yarn.

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