Sunday, March 02, 2008

Rib Warmer Toxicity....or maybe it's just generalized yarn fever; all I know is that now every yarn I see, I think, 'that might make a great rib warmer'. It's the same problem with the Baby Surprise. What a great way to sample every yarn in the store! Fun, quick and interesting to knit, the EZ projects are taking over. Below is a detail of the I cord trim on the rib warmer. It's amazing how fast it works up and what a great edging it makes. I couldn't figure out how it attached to the edge, but Gwen showed me and it is truly easy.
Now that it is finished, I have many, many things to work on, including the Clapotis that I am knitting of Giotto. I LOVE the knitting!!! Just a few more rows and I can begin dropping stitches.
Also, the other rib warmer of Lanamira, and the Baby Boo vest that I really want to finish because I have my eye on another vest. We ordered the pattern and buttons on Friday, which is more food for another post....we found buttons that are so fabulous, oh, I can't wait to get them...and thanks to Jan!!! Love those sales reps!

I got to see Judy today; she usually comes in when
I am off. Her buddy behind her is getting his wallet out...... It was great seeing her!
These gals are knitting students who came in for yarn.....we loved their shoes! The yarn they chose inspired me, too.
Joann, (see her weaving behind April, below) took this yarn,
wove this fabric,
and then sewed this gorgeous vest.
April, drafting her weaving project; the table runner, below. Perfectly woven, not a threading or weaving error. She did a great job! That's Joann behind her....

So I was hungry! Too bad we found out that La Vita's down the hill delivers..... they have the best food and the nicest delivery people.

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