Saturday, March 01, 2008

The Never Ending Baby Blanket Are you tired of hearing about the darn thing??? We are almost finished with it, but it's legacy lives on in all the techniques we learned. The short rows are handy to know as we knit the rib warmers; will post pictures of that next week. We also learned the provisional cast on and kitchner stitch. This colorful version is of the new colorway in Mission Falls Cotton, knit by Susan. Barb is doing her's in Woolbearers bulky hand dyed Cotton Boucle, Jill's is Royal Bamboo,

Kristen's is PJ's, and Judith's is another, lighter weight Woolbearer's cotton boucle.

Mireye's is lovely in Brand X, but she is going to do one in Woolbearer's Cotton Boucle, too.

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